How do you get non-alcoholic drinks?

There are many ways to make products without alcohol.  In some cases alcohol is brewed or distilled and then removed using specially crafted techniques like reverse osmosis, vacuum distillation and membrane filtration.  Some alcohol free products are brewed without any traces of alcohol, removing the need for the de-alcoholisation. 

Can I drink non-alcoholic drinks while pregnant?

Short answer is, it is generally safe and no different to bread, kombucha, vinegar, they all contain traces of alcohol however everyone’s circumstances are different and you should always consult with your practitioner if you have concerns or are taking medication.

If you still aren’t sure, then here at SOBER BOOZE we have options that are just simply carbonated drinks like our DASH and Monday Distillery.

Where do you ship to?  Can I collect my order?

We ship right across Aotearoa!  Cape Reinga to the Bluff!  Unfortunately, our premises don’t allow collection at this stage.

Do you sell wholesale?

Drop us an email and we'll talk through the options with you.